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City Staff
by Department

City Administration

City Administrator

Chris Nosbisch

Assistant City Administrator

Lori Boren

City Clerk

Marsha Dewell

Administrative Assistant III

Meridith Hoffman


Police Department

Chief of Police

Doug Shannon


Daniel Daubs


Fire Department

Fire Chief

Nate Goodlove

Assistant Fire Chief

Derek Boren

Lisbon/Mount Vernon Ambulance
Business Office


Planning and Zoning

City Planner I

Leigh Bradbury

Water Department

Water/Wastewater Superintendent

Alex Volkov


Parks & Recreation

Parks and Recreation Director

Matt Siders

Assistant Director

Sarah Boots

Pool Manager

Katey Forest

Pool Phone: 319-895-9191

Community Development Group

Community Development Director

Joe Jennison

Public Works

Public Works Director

Eldon Downs



The non-emergency number is 319-895-6141. In case of an Emergency, please dial 911.

The number to the Mt. Vernon pool is 319-895-9191. The pool is open Memorial Day through Labor Day. See the Park and Recreation page for complete pool info. Pool closings will be posted on Facebook.

The Mt. Vernon Post Office can be reached at 319-895-6123. It is located on the corner of Second Avenue and Second Street SW.

You may contact Joe Jennison, Community Development Main Street & Marketing Director at 319-210-9935. His office is also located at the Visitor’s Center. His hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Garbage pick-up for the NW side is Friday.
Pick-up for the SW side is Wednesday.
Pick-up for the NE and SE side is Tuesday.

Republic Services provides the garbage service for Mt. Vernon. If you have any questions, please call 1-563-332-0050.
If you decide to change the size of your garbage container, you will need to call City Hall. There will be a charge on your water bill for $30 to cover the delivery fee.

More information about Mt. Vernon Garbage Pickup

The City of Mount Vernon is your water service provider. You will receive a monthly bill. On the back side of the bill, will see codes for each charge:

WA is the water charge. Water is billed in cubic feet.
SW is the sewer charge. This is calculated based on water usage.
GB is the fee for picking up trash, and recycling, as well as other City Services such as snow plowing, leaf and brush pickup, etc.
ST is the flat fee of $3.00 for storm water utility.
SS is the flat fee of $10.00 for sewer surcharge. This is a monthly charge that goes towards upgrading the sewer system in Mount Vernon.
Tax—water is the only thing taxed for residential customers. Everything else is taxed for commercial; water is taxed at 6%.
WET is for the water tax at a rate of 6% instead of 7%.

Water usage is calculated through the water meter, often located in your basement. The meter is read monthly. There are several causes that can result in a higher-than-normal bill. We cannot tell where the water is being used—only that it is being used because it is running through the meter. Meters run slower over time—not faster. More than likely, if your bill is high there is a reason.

Higher bills could be the result of watering your lawn or new sod, a running toilet, having guests stay in your home, water softeners running more frequently, dripping faucets, filling a backyard pool, or having a leak in a pipe.

You cannot always hear a leak or toilet running. Here are some things you can do to check for a leak.

  1. Place a few drops of food coloring in your toilet tank. Do not flush the toilet. If the color leaks down into the toilet, that indicates a leak.
  2. Turn everything off in the house that uses water, then look at your water meter—if it is still turning, that could mean there is water running somewhere.
  3. Call a plumber to check out your home.
The City of Mount Vernon bills you for Water Service. If you rent in Mount Vernon, you must pay a $100.00 water deposit in order to get water turned over into your name. The water deposit is held for you in your account. You will get the deposit back when you move out and the credit will be mailed to your forwarding address.

Special pick-ups require you to call Republic Garbage Services at 1-563-332-0050. You will tell them what items you want picked up and they will tell you the charge. You will see this charge on your water bill.

Yes, you can have up to six chickens but must apply for a permit first. You may obtain the form at City Hall or download a copy using the link below. This is renewed annually and the cost is $10.00.
Chicken Permits

Yes, each dog must be licensed with the Mount Vernon-Lisbon Police Department. You can license your dog at City Hall between the hours of 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Please bring current vaccinations with you. You will be given a copy of the completed licensure form and a metal tag. Your dog license is good for one year. The form will not need to be completed each year, but the fee is annual. Your pet will keep the same tag number. The fee is $10.00 per year, $5.00 if the dog is microchipped, and if you are 62 years old, you may have one free license per year. Each dog must have their own tag and license. You can print the form using the link below.
Dog Permits

Burn permits can be obtained from Linn County Health Department and permits will be mailed directly to you by the Fire Chief. 

More details about obtaining a burn permit.

A Cemetery space in the Mount Vernon Cemetery is $450.00 if you are a resident and $500.00 if you are a non-resident. When you purchase a space or multiple spaces, you will receive the original Cemetery Deed and we will keep a copy at City Hall. When considering a burial space, please drive out to the Cemetery and look at several locations, so when you do want to proceed, we have an idea of where you would like your plot(s) to be. Availability is an issue in some areas of the Cemetery.

The Outdoor Public Notification System is tested every Wednesday at 9:45 a.m. in Mount Vernon. Click the link below to learn how the system works, is tested, and what is said during emergency situations.

Outdoor Siren Information

The local newspaper is the Mount Vernon/Lisbon Sun. They can be reached at 319-895-6216.

There is a city-wide garage sale on the first Saturday in August. Call the Mount Vernon Lisbon Sun at 319-895-6216 for more details.

Cole Library is the official public library for the City of Mount Vernon as well as Cornell College.

Unless a tree is diseased or dying, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain and trim the tree. If the limb is diseased or dying or the tree is diseased or dying, please contact City Hall to fill out a request for action form and someone will take a look at the tree to determine if it needs to be removed.
Request for Action Form

For a statement from the city engineer please read the document below.

Chloramines in Mt. Vernon Public Water Statement