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Building Permit Forms

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Building Permit Forms

Common Questions:

Q.  Do I need to apply for a building permit with Linn County or the City of Mount Vernon?
  • A Linn County building permit should be obtained for all projects involving:
      • New construction 
      • Expansion, remodel and/or replacement of existing structures
      • Electrical
      • Mechanical
      • Plumbing


Permits are available online at:

or your can apply in person at:      935 2nd St. SW,  Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

  • A City of Mount Vernon building permit should be obtained for the following projects:
      • Detached garages and other one-story accessory structures (sheds, playhouses and similar uses)  under 120 sq ft.
      • Retaining walls under 6 ft, measured from the bottom of the footing to the top of the wall – unless supporting a surcharge.
      • Sidewalks & driveways
      • Fences
      • Window, Door & Awning replacement with no change to structural framing
      • Concrete patios
      • Signs without electrical or masonry work  
For further guidance on which application to complete, contact us at (319) 895-8742 x114.

NOTE:  Exemption from permit requirements does not grant authorization for work to be done in any manner that violates building and zoning codes, laws or ordinances of the City of Mount Vernon, Linn County or the State of Iowa.

Q. Why does my project require additional review by a board or commission?

(Note: the following does not represent an exhaustive list of situations which may require additional review by boards and commissions.)

  • Historic Properties: Properties within a historic district must obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) from the Mount Vernon Historic Preservation Commission.  Applications are available at City Hall or digitally via email from:   Commission meetings are held the first Saturday of each month and one Wednesday mid-month at the Mount Vernon Visitors Center.
  • Conditional Use Permit: A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is required for certain uses, as outlined for each zoning district in City Code CH165 (ex. Alternative Energy Production – Solar). Applications must be approved by the Board of Adjustment, which meets on an as-needed basis. Applications for a CUP are available at City Hall or via email from:
If you prefer, you can manually print and fill out the form. Return your completed form to City Hall.