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The Sustainability Committee is an ad hoc committee of community volunteers to study local sustainability issues. While the original charge was to study stormwater retention systems, the group has evolved into studying other areas.

Areas that are ongoing now include earning Bee City USA status, a monarch butterfly project, watching pesticide application levels, discussing different mowing levels in parks, and a rain barrel rebate program. Open items the group are working on include looking to install an electric car charging station, solar energy (for either residential or commercial), a compost site, and water quality of our streams.

If you have information to share with this group, please contact Council Member Tom Wieseler at 319-361-5261 or at

Committee Members

Tom Wieseler

Michelle Mouton

Nanette Rambo

Laura Krouse

Alice Ganzel

Andy Mccollum

Dale Beeks

Gary Scott

John Tesensky

Mari Dettweiler

David Osterberg

Robert Caldwell

Martin St. Clair